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23: Yarns and threads for textile use, sewing threads, embroidery threads, knitting threads, cotton threads and elastic threads for textile use.
24: Woven textiles, namely, fabrics for use in the manufacture of clothing, towels, table linen, bed linen, household linen; non-woven textiles, namely, fabrics for use in the manufacture of clothing, towels, table linen, bed linen, household linen; fiberglass fabrics for textile use; fabric impervious to gases for aeronautical balloons; waterproof fabrics, namely, waterproof fabric for manufacturing clothing, furniture, luggage and automobile upholstery; gummed waterproof cloth; fabric of imitation animal skins; textile linings, namely, linen lining fabric for shoes, unfinished textile for the manufacture of linings for garments, textile used as lining for clothing; buckram; filtering materials of textile, namely, chemical fiber fabrics, synthetic fiber fabrics, inorganic fiber mixed fabrics all for use in filtering liquids and powders; quilts of textile, blankets; washing mitts, bath linen, hand towels, face towels of textile, bathing towels; tapestries of textile, traveling rugs, namely, lap rugs; curtains of textile, shower curtains of textile, shower curtains of plastics; oilcloth for use as table cloths; bed blankets, bed sheets, bedspreads, bed linen, diapered linen, pillowcases, quilt covers; furniture coverings of textile, namely, unfitted fabric furniture covers; upholstery fabrics; table napkins of textile; bed covers of paper; banners of textile, namely, cloth banners; flags not of paper, namely, cloth flags, fabric flags; cloth labels.
25: Clothing, namely, trousers, jackets, overcoats, coats, skirts, suits, jerseys, waistcoats, shirts, ready-made leather linings (parts of clothing), T-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, bermuda shorts, shorts, pajamas, pullovers, jeans, tracksuits, rainwear, beachwear, bathing suits, swimming suits; clothing for sports (for exclusive use for sports), clothing for babies, namely, shirts, pants, coats, dresses; underclothing, namely, boxer shorts, brassieres, briefs, pants, socks; footwear, namely, shoes excluding orthopedic shoes, sandals, waterproof boots, walking boots, booties, sporting shoes, slippers; shoe parts, namely, heelpieces, insoles for footwear, footwear uppers; headgear, namely, caps, skull caps, sports caps, hats, berets; gloves (clothing), stockings, belts (clothing), camisoles, sarongs, scarves, neck scarves, shawls, collars, neckties, ties, suspender belts.

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