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39: Escorting of travelers; organization of travel, cruises and excursions; transport of travelers; booking of seats for travel; sightseeing [tourism]; vehicle rental; booking services relating to travel.
41: Education; training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; organization and conducting of training workshops, seminars, courses, sports training courses, cultural and creative workshops; sports club [health and fitness training]; sports coaching (training); providing fitness classes; provision of play areas for children; sports activities, namely hiking and walking; hosting of floral workshops for training; organization and hosting of sculpture workshops, internships and courses; organization of recreational outings; provision of recreational, cultural or sporting events; rental of sports equipment (except vehicles); presentation of live performances; theater productions; holiday camp services [entertainment]; information relating to entertainment or education; provision of sports facilities; organization of competitions (education or entertainment).
43: Services for providing food and drink; self-service restaurants; bar services; accommodation agencies [hotels, boarding houses]; temporary accommodation; temporary accommodation reservation; hotel reservation; holiday camp services; operation of campground facilities.

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