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03: Substances for laundry use and bleaching preparations; preparations for the care and preservation of high-quality sports textiles.
11: Lamps, headlamps, lights, pocket lamps, kilns, gas burners, drinking water filters, water filtering apparatus.
18: Backpacks, bags, mountaineering sticks.
20: Sleeping bags; mattresses, particularly air mattresses, not for medical use; insulating floor mats (mattresses); chairs and beds for outdoor use.
22: Rope, string, nets, bags, tents, awnings, tarpaulins, sails, sachets (pouches) and casings of textile for wrapping.
24: Blankets.
25: Clothing, footwear, headgear.
27: Mats, particularly gym mats, mats for exercise, sports, travel, hiking and camping, insulating mats.
28: Games, toys; gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes.

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